Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oh crumb!

It just dawned on me (should've been a kick in the head), I only thought about sending sister Sue a birthday card . . .
When will I learn that the "think process" only works on The Music Man??

It was kind of a hectic day today. Not bad, but not what I would volunteer for. I had a feeling I would have a sub all day and I did. BUT it wasn't the same sub for the entire day. We had two different teachers. Darn you, automatic sub dialing system!! The AM sub figured they had called her to take the PM class at 5:30 AM this morning. Her phone rang twice and then the automatic message system kicked in, so she didn't get a second chance to talk to a real person. I told her I hope they'll all putting in their two cents, she said they are. But then I heard from two people trying to get a job with the district and they said that it's hard to get questions answered right now. They're all bogged down with getting this system up and going. I'm glad the district will save money, but what a shame they couldn't hire extra help to enter all the data.

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