Sunday, December 7, 2008

Walking the Nixon

Backyard pictures taken, bags packed, and then it was time for Liseanne and her J to drive Fran down to Roseburg to meet her J at his folk's.
Once we had waved them out of the driveway, N and I hooked Nixon to his leash for a walk in the park. Afterwards, I removed my Santa hat and we hopped into the car to check at Joe's for N boots. Then we stopped at Thompson's for dinner. Usually when we see the parking lot that full, we head elsewhere, but with just the two of us we thought the odds would be better for finding a seat. We could've bellied up to the bar, but after 10-12 minutes a table opened up.
I wasn't as impressed with their nutbrown ale as I usually am, so I changed to good old Terminator for my second pint.
This morning N's been busy in the kitchen for over an hour - shredding, chopping, rinsing, cooking. I can't wait to eat the results! :>)

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