Thursday, December 4, 2008

What did you feed the dog?!

Izzy and I are keeping Fran company in the living room this evening. Lucky me gets to be within firing range of the wee furry creature.
"Gee, Iz, I like YOU, but not so much your lethal cloud."
I came home after work to pick up Fran and take her with me to Costco. The line was long at their gas pumps, but filling up at $1.71 a gallon was worth it. I'm not sure where my Costco card went. I think Izzy knocked it out of my purse when she was in my lap people watching. Luckily, I had my membership renewal form with my member number in my purse.
The sky was beautiful as we made our way back out to the truck. I hear it's going to get cold tonight.

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Lisa Anne said...

it is cold. Very!!! Are you feeling ok? You sound like you have a cold.