Monday, March 9, 2009

Adventures with short people

The short people and I had a sub today. She was familiar to me, since she retired from our school after 23 years of teaching, but this was the first time I'd worked with her in a classroom.
So many teachers I've talked to, are scared silly over working with our age level. I don't really understand why. Maybe it's not being able to take anything for granted. With us, it wouldn't hurt to do a brief review on using glue, scissors and crayons each day. Our sub was a tiny bit nervous, but she did well - even with the challenging AM group.
I think it's snowed hard 5-6 times today. Crazy! Darned cold, too! I don't know what the temp was, but I definitely took the wrong coat today. At least when Izzy and I took a walk after work, I was moving enough I didn't care I had on a light coat.
Okay, what should I make for dinner?

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