Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And we're back . . .

The good news is that we didn't get lost once between the parking garage and the 3 pavilions we traveled through at OHSU today. That's pretty remarkable when I think back to the times we spent wandering (and worrying we'd be late) trying to find someone who could give us directions.

Fran's lung stats showed some improvement and they don't need to see her until March 2010.
We didn't get to spend as much time with Dr. Kouskov this time. He's such a sweet, caring man. I think they're trying to get him to stick to a schedule, when he just wants to sit and spend time getting to know the patients.

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Rebekah said...

Glad things went well. Hospitals can be tricky. I've spent some time in Salem Hospital with people and at least their Wifi is pretty reliable. Maybe I should put that on my list of hotspots. :) I noticed half of my list got deleted, so I tried to put it back on. If you know of any other good places, let me know.