Friday, March 20, 2009

A barking good time!

The vet called this AM to remind me that Izzy needed to go in for a heartworm test. She said they weren't that busy, so I gathered up little black dog, her leash, her bed and we motored down Commercial. The wait wasn't too bad, unless you were that poor woman who felt like everyone but she had been called to the back. Yeah, their new system is confusing; waits for techs-short, waits for a vet-long, if you have an appointment-the best.
As soon as the two of us were back in the car, it dawned on me that her ears were due to be plucked. How barbarous does THAT sound?! {shiver} So off to Lancaster for a quick stop at one of the big pets-be-us. "Boy are her ears hairy!!" Umm, that's why we're here . . . While we waited for our turn, I thought we could browse the store since she'd been so calm - growing up and all. We rounded a corner near the cat toys when suddenly a LOUD sharp bark escaped Izzy. Immediately following were two toddler screams and then crying. I scooped her up and trotted over to apologize to the wee ones, "That was loud, wasn't it?! She's scared too, that's why she barked at you." And then I introduced Izzy to them (secure in my arms, no barking) and we were all friends. Hopefully!

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