Friday, March 20, 2009

Feeling Squirrely

We have an abundance of squirrels in our backyard. I understand this isn't a rare condition, but it's a bit of an irritation on days when their numbers appear to be greater than the birds. We put the feeders up for the birds after all.
I watched a news (or was it a cooking show?) segment on BBC America a few months ago about London being overrun with non-native squirrel species. The reporter suggested that perhaps if the entire population ate one squirrel every week or month or ??, the problem would soon be solved - as well as fewer people going hungry. I assume if I'd stayed tuned to the channel, a segment on ways to prepare squirrel would have been forthcoming. Maybe I should've stayed glued to the couch. There might come a time when I need some survival tips. :>.
My daughter Lise and her hubby J (along with their Jack Russell terrier and cat) have been living with us since last summer. I believe their terrier, Nixon, sees the squirrel residents as a challenge. He sits by the sliding glass door watching their frantic activity. Is he planning how to capture one of those furry morsels? I don't know if that's what he daydreams about, but that IS what he did. I've never seen (and that squirrel evidently hadn't either) a dog move so fast. It took both Lise and I to prevent him from enjoying his swift kill and to dispose of the body. I think a leash will become imperative when letting Nixon out in the future.


jim jansen said...

I thought Lise and J were going to stay in the red house. Did they find work in S-town?

KandN said...

Yes, they both have jobs. I think in December? Maybe the end of November for Lise. Lise is working her way up from the bottom of the ladder with the state - she's on her second position, working on her third, and J is working as a phone tech with comcast out of Beaverton/Tualatin.
She never really talked about it, but I think Lise was put off about the idea of living with 3 boys with one bathroom and little help with housework. I can totally understand that. Plus, she seems to enjoy being close to us again.