Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ghost Poopie Dog

"Izzy! What is that in your mouth?!
Eww! What IS that?
Oh! A ghost poopie!
Where did you find that?"
In a box amongst Auntie Lise's things, that's where. I'm glad she hadn't gone nuts and had them entangled in her beard. That would've been disgusting, not to mention a challenge to get rid of.

N and I had our blood date tonight. Instead of venturing into new territory, we let the Muchas, at Word of Mouth Bistro, reel us in with their panko encrusted halibut again - hook, line and sinker. I love that place! I'm so glad it's in our town. Salem deserves more of these good places that have been opening up over the past several months.

The nurse who took my history this evening was a hoot and a half! She nearly had me rolling on the floor with her stories about her two birds. Particularly the little talkative one.

Hmmm, I'm thinking Izzy found something fishy during her walk. Not a good smell! Time for a wash!

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