Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good Evening

Last night I had an urge for chicken thighs cooked with chutney and yogurt. Fran's J had an urge for fajitas, and since he's a good teammate in the kitchen I gladly changed my direction.
My urge was still there this evening, so Fran suggested chicken tagine. We did a recipe search, found one we had the ingredients for and began to prep and cook.
L's J arrived home from work in a good mood just minutes from the dinner bell.

Good food, good wine and best of all? There was still daylight left. I didn't do anything more than fill the birdfeeders and pull a few weeds, but I LOVE when the daylight lasts longer.

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Lise M said...

Yay for good moods!!! wish me luck for tomorrow, I'll need it.