Monday, March 23, 2009

It's all in the details

I was so glad that it worked out to meet Shirley for her birthday breakfast this morning! I didn't want this week full of opportunity to get away from me. I'd hate to miss a chance to sit and visit with my dear friend. My apologies to Dave and family for not continuing our tradition of eating at Sassy Onion, but I had to show Shirley the newest hot spot in town. :>)
Attention to detail, I think that sums up what the Muchas do - very well. Even the potatoes were delicious.
There are times when I feel socially inept/slow/stupid. I was reminded of those shortcomings this morning (not that I ever forget) when I happened across some new friends at WOM. I blame it on my shyness. The older I am, the easier it's become (the whole talking to people thing), especially in the last year with the extra pharmaceutical help. But mostly I just feel like I missed an entire volume on how to properly interact, along with all the social niceties and rules. Will I always feel reined in by my worry of whether I'm interrupting or bothering people?
Maybe by the time I've reached 80 I'll have it all figured out . . .


smc said...

What a coincidence! My dear friend took me to breakfast at Word of Mouth for my birthday today also. Love the place. It was so crowded at 9:30 though, we had to sit at the counter. We still had a great breakfast.

KandN said...

I had my back to you! We must have just beat you out of that table. Who'd have guessed it would be so busy on a Monday morning?
Happy Birthday!