Saturday, March 14, 2009

A long Texas month

(reference to missing my daily emails from sissy K vacationing in Texas)

We slept in much longer than usual this morning. Probably had to do with staying up late and being roused too early by a puppy who needed to go out and afterwards wanting to jump into the middle of the water bed to play. It didn't take long to demonstrate that we weren't in the mood and she settled down for a snooze between us. Although, it doesn't get much cuter (as far as puppies go) to watch her try and go after N under the covers. Such determination! Last night she went so far as to grab some sheet in her mouth and to try and pull it off of him. Ah! Grandpuppies! ;>)
I'm making that mental list of what we should do today; mail package, buy bird and squirrel food, go to wine store for that special shiraz, go to liquor store (I've been missing my occasional whiskey sour) . . . and figure out what we're making for dinner. I'm sure there must be something else.

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