Friday, March 6, 2009

Oh what a beautiful day!

I usually work for comp time on grading days, but not this year. I've been going to work with this bug from day one and decided I needed another 3 dayer.
I went out and about fairly early this morning, after I finished editing and uploading the short people's videos and slideshows. I wanted to touch base with a local diner to see if I could talk them into letting me create a simple web presence for them - location, hours, menu, pictures- linked to The woman I talked to was slightly skeptical, but stayed open minded enough to let me leave a note and some info for the owner/cook. I was impressed that they were still busy at 10:45 AM on a weekday.
I ran a few more errands and then decided to go home and see if Fran wanted to go out with me to enjoy a bit of this grand day. She did :>) and so we did. We ran some more errands, drove around with the sunroof open (and heater on) and stopped to get a mocha at Caffe Milan on the way home. I thought the mocha was even better than what we usually get at Breakpoint, but Fran thought it was a draw.
Izzy's enjoying her new toys and I'm thinking about working on J's bday dinner - one of his favs, mac and cheese.

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