Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Old Birch Tree

Lise's J opened up their bedroom curtains and spied a man in the front yard tree. I suppose that might be a startling sight when you're greeting the day. :>O Can't say I've ever experienced it . . .
I've never been that big of a fan of the birch tree. It's silhouette wasn't very attractive, it didn't offer much shade and it was messy nearly all year long. The snow and ice took the top out and we saw an opportunity. I'm always amazed at how much debris there is when you take down a tree. N's taken around 3 truck loads to the yard debris pile at the transfer site, with another one ready to go. We'll end up with some firewood when it's done. Not the highest quality, but we were happy to have it when the power was out those long 4 days.
Now to decide what to replace it with. The trees on Kuebler, near Kaiser Permanente, interested me with their stunning fall color and nice silhouettes, but they must've suffered a great deal of ice damage - they took them all out and replanted.

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