Sunday, March 22, 2009

What's the opposite of vicarious?

We've thought about going to Morton's Bistro for years, but for whatever reason we never did. Last night we splurged much more than we normally would. Seemed like our duty. ;>) Making mental note to sit down with Lise to write review together today.
(Oh! A neck and wrist massage? Thank you, Zuzu!)
Now that the Muchas are having such success in that old building near State and 17th, I've begun to look at some of the other charming houses with a different eye. Yesterday I noticed two for sale in business zoning. "What should go in there?", I muse. Like Morton's. The property it's in now has a lot going for it, but attracting people from the outside, isn't one of them.
Flickers look HUGE when they eat out of our feeders. He's doing some contortionist moves, as he tries to hang onto the perch and get his head at the right angle to eat. The little birds chased him away. Really??
Sorry mind wandering.
Potatoes are done. Time to get them ready to make hashbrowns. Wish I had some grape tomatoes to add to the eggs.


Emily said...

How was it at Morton's? Ihad the pumpkin risotto with diver scallops once. DIVINE.

KandN said...

Everything was delicious. :>) There were three plump raspberries keeping the baked brie appetizer company in it's dish. the one I ate tasted fresh picked. Guess I'm just ready for Spring. I felt as pampered and well fed as when we go to Amadeus. Have you been there yet?