Monday, November 2, 2009

The art of holding our breath

N and I kicked off our weekend with the pub crawl and then woke up (no, not early!) Saturday ready to get to work. N drove to his office to try and catch up after a week of meetings and heading out of town. I did chores and then took Fran out to the last Saturday Market, Keizer dog park and then to Reader's Guide. Saturday Market was the easiest with the wheel chair and Reader's Guide entrance was the worst.
Oh how I miss their old location and book selection!!
On Sunday, Lise and I ran errands while N tackled the leaves and worked on his PVC green house. I can't wait to see how it works this winter. Oh and I (thankfully) was reminded about this week's worm science lesson.
I was sure I had stocked the worm box with enough food since I last tended them. BUT I'm pretty sure the lack of food is why they left. Very sad! After gleaning a handful of worms from our compost pile and compost container, I discovered they hadn't gone far. I moved the worm box to begin cleaning off the exterior and found leaf debris that was full of red wigglers! Yay!
Another week closer to Fran's surgery date. Yeah, we know. It may not be the answer.

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