Friday, November 6, 2009

Car music flashback

When Lise and Fran were small, we spent a fair number of hours in our car, driving to and fro to visit family from Tillamook, Roseburg, and then Salem.  Our constant companions on those car trips were our Raffi cassette tapes.
N and I could probably still predict, with at least 90% accuracy, what song follows another on his first 4 albums.   I'm not sure we would've given up adult music to any other artist.  Raffi has a gentle, soothing quality that can calm any age.
Once in awhile, while involved in an adult conversation about "what are you listening to", I would go on and on about how much I loved Raffi.  "Have you heard "The Gorilla Song"?", I'd gush to concerned friends.  I'm still sad we never made it to one of his concerts (sigh).
And today there are times when I'll burst into a Raffi song out on the playground or on the way to the bus and sometimes one of the small people will join me.  I guess he's still playing in cars today.  Good news!

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