Tuesday, November 10, 2009

tis the season for wine tasting

Wine tasting seems like more of a summer or spring activity to me--probably because of how many wineries have views and decks and such.  But we're fast approaching one of the busiest winery visiting times of the year as the end of November slips closer. (here's a great link to help with planning your winery tastings.)
N and I usually stay clear of the crowds, but I see that Wandering Aengus will be open November 21 and 22 for tasting and (of course) purchasing.  We've noticed how it's getting tougher to find their ciders in the Salem area, so I'm sure we'll spring for a case that weekend.  Or maybe more, since it makes a good gift, too.

By the way . . . have you signed up for Friday's Wine Walk??


smc said...

I love, love, love this cider. I think it is some of the best hard cider to be had. I wish it was more available in our local grocery stores though. I've found it at Roth's only.

Jennie said...

I've gotten some at Lifesource. Love it too. Good people.

KandN said...

I forget that both Roth's and Lifesource carry WA Cider. Thanks for the reminder! I need to return to Santiam Wine and see if Debbie is still selling it, too.

Rebekah said...

Sooo...in case anyone was wondering Venti's and f-stop usually have WA cider too. Just a heads up though. I cleaned out Venti's supply last night. Sorry, folks!

KandN said...

Oh geez! Thanks, Rebekah! That's right! I've had it both places, but at Venti's I believe it was you who gently suggested the bartender look under the counter again. :>)
You were my inspiration when Norm and I ran into a similar situation at Word of Mouth--"what would Rebekah do?"
By the way, I was incredibly bummed about not being able to go to the wine walk. how was it? I noticed one our teachers in a picture, but haven't talked to her since I've been sick.