Monday, November 30, 2009

Unnecessary freak-out

I was so worried about going to work today.  A combination of the length of time passed since I'd last been present and concern over whether I'd have the stamina to make it.  So worried, in fact, that I created more mental lists and possible worst case scenarios than slept. 

Did I worry for good reason?  Nope.  Turned out either my work isn't as strenuous as I had myself convinced or all that couch rest paid off.

And so, I find myself thankful for all the care and understanding I've received over this long recuperation.  I'm also thankful for antibiotics and x-rays, even if they come at a cost, they're worth it.


Salem Man said...

Glad your better and back at work. I'm sure the little people were happy to see you.

KandN said...

They were happy and yet a little jumpy whenever I coughed. I'm sure ALL the families are a bit jumpy concerning germs these days, eh?