Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Finding Recipes

How many years has it been?  Seems like a very long time since I've relied on finding a recipe in a recipe book.  Hasn't stopped me from collecting or using them (when the mood strikes), however.

This morning, I looked through the pile of printed out (previously used) recipes, the 3 different files I might have saved the recipe to and then (doh!) it finally occurs to me to check in one of my "Best Recipe" books.  Yup!  There it was!  The master recipe for candied sweet potatoes.  Phew!


The Mulligan Family said...

I hate when I can't find a recipe that I have misplaced. That's the one thing about my blog... now I ALWAYS know where some of my favorites can be found!

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you are feeling better.

Cheers, Cindy

KandN said...

Putting recipe gems on the blog is an excellent way of keeping track of them, isn't it? :>)
Thanks, Cindy! I've felt a little better today and am looking forward to tomorrow's improvement.
Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!