Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Flag traditions from my youth

As I was leaving work yesterday, I noticed our afternoon custodian draping both the school's national and state flags around his neck as he finished adjusting the cable and pulley.  I flashed back to the daily flag ceremonies in my small town elementary school.  It's very possible I have the details wrong, but here's what I remember to the best of my knowledge: 

Each week a different classroom (grades 1-6) would have the responsibility of raising and lowering the flag.  It was a privilege to be one of the two students chosen to perform the unfolding, attaching and raising each morning--as well as the lowering and folding at the end of the school day.  I can remember being in classrooms where the entire class attended the ritual and others where only the chosen students were in attendance.
Today with all of the demands placed on a student's school day, taking that much time for a ceremony that teaches respect for a national symbol seems difficult to justify and yet worthwhile all the same. Maybe once a month?

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