Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just the 2 (3) of us

Photo by Jim Layman
I don't know who's enjoying this weekend more, N and I or Hope.  She's stretched out on the bed, next to both of us, watching the world outside our 3rd floor window while I play on the laptop and N watches the Duck game. 
We arrived in Newport around 6:30 last night.  The weather was relatively calm as we took Hope for her first walk and later when we went to Nana's Irish Pub in the Nye Beach area (which N and I both agreed is worth 4 out of 4 stars).

After breakfast, we went for a long drive and  stopped to enjoy some roadside views along the way.  The most impressive?  Boiler Bay!  Wow!  What a show!  We were soaked from both the spray from the breakers and the rain.  We drove around the bay and then along the Siletz River.  The weather raged almost the entire time--downpours, hail and thunder and lightning.
Once we returned to Newport, the weather was calm again.  NOAA says the calm is temporary, but, hey, we didn't come here for the weather.


smc said...

Very dramatic photo. Aren't we lucky to live so close to the coast? It's beautiful in any season.

KandN said...

I can't take credit for the great photo. I put a link on the picture to the site where I found it. All of ours would've been through a rain splattered windscreen. :>)