Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And now for a little sarcasm

Top Reasons Why It's Actually Good to Get Sick

1.  You'll have a smaller impact on the environment.  (I mean, think about it, you probably won't be driving much or running appliances, right?)
2.  You've always looked marvelous in your robe and isn't it wonderful to wear something so comfortable and forgiving?
3.  Getting sick is like an extra vacation.  You can catch-up on your reading and television shows.
4.  People at both work and home will soon discover how amazing you are with all that you do everyday.
5.  You'll save money on dining, gas and entertainment.  (No, this is not the time to think about the cost of your drugs. Besides, aren't they tax deductible?)
6.  You finally get to catch up on all that sleep you feel like you never get enough of.  Take those drugs, snuggle down under the covers and sleep like a bear.
7. Oh!  Don't forget about all those pounds you'll shed.  So what if it's something you wouldn't wish on even an enemy.  Weight off is a good thing!
8.  Enjoy those sleepless moments in the wee hours of the night (maybe you'll be testing your ribs by coughing.  One never knows with viruses.) by crafting your experiences into tales to tell co-workers, as well as family during the upcoming holidays.  It'll warm their hearts.

Okay, that's it!  Can't think of anymore--can you?

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