Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Scarlet Flu mask?

Did I like being asked to wear a mask at the doctor's office today?  I didn't mind.  I want to keep this bug from spreading, too.  (Although, one could ask why I even went into work on Friday at all.)  Do I enjoy wearing a mask?  No, does anyone like their warm moist breathe being trapped on their face?
I can remember when Lise was a student at UO, remarking on the Asian students wearing masks when they were sick.  She wondered why they were so considerate.  Good question!  This is something we all need to start making a habit.
I was sure my bug started a ways back, but the doctor said I probably had more than one.  When I mentioned that it felt like I hit a wall on Friday, her eyes lit up, "that's exactly how h1n1 starts--hard and fast."  She asked a few more questions, swabbed my nose, "this may be uncomfortable.".  Yup, I think uncomfortable fits about right.  She told me I'd be hearing the results soon, but in the meantime she was going to start me on Tamiflu, "it cuts the duration in half and you've only just begun.".
Now I have this urge to curl up on the couch with a blanket, Hope and a bottle of Whiskey.  Isn't that a cure all??


Lise M said...

I REALLY hope you don't have swine flu.

KandN said...

Me, too, but I know I've been exposed several times in the classroom. The parents have been good about letting us know. Salem Clinic is giving the shots by appointment right now. You should call tomorrow and see if being exposed helps you meet the criteria.

Salem Man said...

I hear it's a really awful bug going around. Good thing you got that Tamiflu. Hope you feel better soon.

KandN said...

Thanks, Salem Man. Having a bad case of the flu can give a person new appreciation for being able to get out of bed. Onward to normal!

Rebekah said...

I sure hope that Tamiflu starts to help. The flu is awful. I'm hoping I have some kind of miraculous immune response and don't get it cuz it's everywhere!

KandN said...

that's what the doctor said yesterday. Widespread & prevalent I think were the words she used. When I told her how irritated I was that I couldn't find a seasonal flu shot this year, her response was that it wouldn't have done me any good. Thinking back on her comment, she must have been confident which flu I have. Guess I should start calling mid-day to find out.
Stay well!!