Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sleep, sweet sleep!

All through this nasty flu, I've been thankful for being able to sleep.  It's not perfect sleep, of course.  My nights include a fair number of coughing fits and fevered sweats (even a week later).

Near the beginning, I finally removed myself to the guest bedroom for 2 nights.  N wasn't happy.  He claims he can sleep through whatever I can dish out, but whenever I coughed, he stirred and with the major muscle pain I was dealing with--when the bed moved it was excruciating. 

It's certainly a mystery to me how he's able to sleep though coughing, tossing and turning.  Although, the noise from his sleep machine may block other noise out for him.  Me?  I wake up at the slightest sound in the house.  Which is why I began to wear earplugs a several years ago. 

It started out as an experiment.  At work, a group of us were talking about sleep and when I mentioned how often I had to get up during the night, someone suggested I may have a problem.  What?  Maybe a small bladder, but I was positive I didn't have sleep apnea.  I'm not sure if it was something I read or heard on the radio, but I decided to give earplugs a try.  For the first time in years I slept ALL the way through the night.  I was shocked.  I could still hear enough to know when things were going on around me, but all the little noises were muffled.   It took me awhile to find the earplugs I liked the best (Mack's Moldable Silicone Earplugs), but I've been wearing them ever since.

Sweet dreams to all of you!


Simple Simon said...

Maybe you should entitle this "Sleep SWEAT Sleep!" I hope you're on the rode to recovery.

KandN said...

That's about right. When I woke up at 6 this morning the bed was so soaked I had to leave to the guest room. Only took a matter of minutes to make that one uninhabitable, too. BUT later I had my first close to normal temp in what seems like a long time.
Now for the cough . . .
Thanks, S!