Thursday, October 21, 2021

Cause and Effect: First, They Reduced Our ...

In my lifetime, I've heard GOP members (whatever their position in whatever office), talk about reducing government--using all their catchy phraseology, meant to grab our ears and minds. 

My first memory, is of Reagan, talking about slashing taxes, etc. And then there were the groups, that would go exert their views, in individual states. The end result--instead of people complaining so much about taxes, they began to rant about the state of their roads and how long it takes to get a government employee on the telephone.

And all of those tax reductions, what the anti-taxers promised, did not get rid of what they claimed was waste, they got rid of people manning the phones and doing the necessary jobs. Particularly, the state workers who were posted in the less populated parts of the state--reducing the availability of getting any kind of assistance to the rural folks AND taking away the paychecks, that were once spent in those rural communities. 

People in rural counties are angry? Why weren't they paying attention? Why were they drinking the anti-tax Kool Aid? It's not government, people, it's the people who want to strangle the government--they're your enemies. They're your BIG business owners--not wanting to pay workers and not wanting to pay their way. So . . . they make the government the enemy. And, those of us who were listening in school, the government IS the people. 

Stop listening to the folks guarding their stacks of dollars. Listen to each other AND listen to reputable news. Love, K

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