Thursday, October 7, 2021

Moments to Savor

Thanks to a recent cousin chat, I've been savoring an old memory this afternoon. 

My Mother's older sister, lived in the Tacoma area, with her husband and five children (eventually six). They would drive down to visit us and we'd drive up to spend a day with them. I have no idea of how often it occurred. Maybe one visit a month? I can remember Mom's mood brightening, when Aunt would make the phone call saying they were on their way. 

Such a tiny house, our family of seven lived in, incredible what you can make do with, when that's all you have. Our dining room table expanded to it's maximum, with its three leaves, adding to the length for dinner. A board, spanned from one chair to another, provided needed seating for the youngest, with a Sears or Monty Wards catalog added, in case one of us littles wasn't quite tall enough to reach the table. 

When we'd drive up to see their family, by the time I came along, only my older brother and me would be in the backseat. (I wonder what those three teens left at home were up to? Something that just popped into my head.) My brother, probably enjoyed being "the oldest", on these drives. Probably why he was territorial, when it came to where I was allowed sit and squirm. 

The drive back, from what my faulty memory tells me, was usually in the dark. Perhaps it was to avoid being teased and prodded by older brother, or perhaps it was soothing, since I was exhausted from a full day. Whatever the reason, I'd curl up in the foot well, on my side of the backseat. The vibrations from the tires rumbling on the seamed concrete highway, the trusty thumb in my mouth, would send me into deep sleep, all the way home.

Love, K

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