Sunday, November 14, 2021

What to Pair with Rye Bread ...

Who knows how one's own brain works. Not I. I only ponder, because sometimes my brain is powered by my stomach. Usually when I'm searching for a recipe. Makes sense to me. You? 

And, a day or two ago, I began to ponder if there were any recipes for breakfast strata, using rye bread. Way back when, one diner morning, my older sis, suggested I order rye toast with my breakfast,  I didn't hesitate. She's also an aficionado of over easy eggs and their golden gifts. My review? Rye is well suited and paired with egg yolk. Thanks, Sissy.

So ... I've learned, thanks to internet searches, there are strata recipes using rye bread. But now I'm doubting their usage of Swiss cheese as a companion. What type of cheese would you pair with rye bread and eggs. Inquiring minds wish to know. 

Love, K

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