Monday, February 22, 2021

Lookie Loos

As of today, we've only gone out of the neighborhood once, since the ice storm. Makes sense that our curious eyes aren't helpful to the folks doing all of the clean-up, but it's difficult not heading out to go take a look at all of the destruction. 

One, of our three routes, in and out of the neighborhood, has been closed since the thirteenth. You'd think one of the homeowners or utility workers would've taken some photos to share, but then there's probably the concern it would draw lookie loos. 

All of those tall, mostly deciduous, trees, with thick moss and ivy adding weight and decay to the mix, were/are probably in a deadly tangled mess. And now that sign reads, "Road Work"--good grief, what else happened?

I like snow--watching it fall, hoping a few inches will stick (if there's nowhere necessary to go), making the first footprints ... and the quiet, BUT I do not like freezing rain. Not one teensy tiny itsy bitsy iota. You can have the freezing rain, if you wish, but send the light dustings of snow my way. Love, K

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